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Craft Catering

We provide drop-off or full service craft catering. In each case we are very flexible and are willing to work with you. Each location is unique so price and menu is negotiated accordingly.

Craft Catering was traditionally for fashion, film, television or video production crews that want all day food service. The purpose has crossed over to mainstream and is perfect for any group who would like to have food service available all day during work or play.

Craft Service can range from snack tables of cookies, candies and treats to full meals of cold and hot breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. We accommodate any dietary restrictions with macrobiotic spreads of organics and specialty foods like sushi. Our international chefs can satisfy and palate or request.

Craft Catering is offered around the clock to fit your schedule. The most common set- ups are as a buffet or drop off service that allows people to eat whenever they get the chance. Live stations are offered for specialty service.

Insatiable EATS provides an incredible selection of craft menus that are customizable.

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